Module Reconfirm, with its dual verification modes, offers a versatile solution for user authentication, allowing applications to strike a balance between maintaining confidentiality and providing a user-friendly experience. The two modes cater to different security needs, demonstrating adaptability in the verification process.

Mode 1: Conventional Display and Confirm

  1. Information Display:

    • Non-sensitive text is displayed on the screen for user review.

    • This can include any information to be re-typed.

  2. User Confirmation:

    • Users are prompted to re-enter the displayed information for verification.

    • Follows a similar model to GitHub's delete actions and many other websites.

  3. Validation:

    • The system compares the re-entered information with the displayed data.

    • If there is a match, the verification is successful.

Mode 2: Discreet Pass and Confirm with Hint

  1. Information Passing:

    • Sensitive information, such as date of birth or city of birth, is passed by the application during Co-Auth verification generate request.

    • This information is not displayed on the screen to maintain confidentiality.

  2. Hint Presentation:

    • Users receive a hint or prompt guiding them to accurately re-enter the sensitive data.

    • The hint provides contextual information without revealing the actual details.

  3. User Input:

    • Users input the information based on the provided hint.

  4. Validation:

    • The system validates the user-input data against the initially passed sensitive information.

    • Security measures are triggered in case of any discrepancies.

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